Many women all across suffer from Breast Sagging which spoils their beauty. Improper size and shape of breasts will decrease the confidence of women, which leads to depression. Having perfect sized and uplifted breasts gives ample of confidence and also enhances the beauty of woman.

What is hanging breast?

Sinking between the ends of a thing, in consequence of its own, or an imposed, weight; an arching downward in the middle, as of a ship after straining.

Causes of hanging breast?

The cause of hanging breast is mainly due to weigh loss. When weight is lost, a portion of fat disappears from breast. Typically the skin and the ligaments inside the breasts do not retract accordingly, resulting in an 'empty' looking breast that then hanging. When the gravity pulls the breasts down, those ligaments and the skin can stretch, and so the breast then droops. This depends on the elasticity of your skin and of your ligaments, as determined by your genes and diet, and also on normal aging processes. Obviously large breasts will loose easier since the gravity is pulling them down more.


This age group saw positive results sooner than in other age groups studied. Significant increases in breast size (1-2 cup sizes) have been reported as early as the third month. Nearly all women reported some improvement in firmness after 60 days. Increased soreness, tingling and inflammation of the breast area were reported by this age group more often than other age groups. Fuller lips, and ease from PMS symptoms, such as moodiness and cramps, were reported as well.


This age group experienced the greatest improvement overall in the uplifting and smoothing of wrinkled areas- usually within the first 60 days of use. Many women also reported a significant reduction in stretch marks. Breast size increases which required the purchase of larger size bras, tops and swimsuits were not typically reported until the fourth month of use PMS symptoms (sleeplessness, mood swings) were also reduced.


This age group reported slightly slower growth than other age groups, but successful long-term, permanent results. There were few women in this age group who reported noticeable breast growth in the first 30 to 60 days. Although, within 2-4 months most women experienced increased firmness/roundness of the breasts. During the following months (months 4 to 6) dramatic results were reported by nearly all. Many women increased their breasts by 2 cup sizes by the end of the 6th month of using BREAST UPLIFT. Positive results in fuller and firmer breasts were reported by all who tested. There was relief from PMS and menopause symptoms for this age group as well.

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